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What to Do If a Loved One Goes Missing


With the rise of insecurity, banditry, and kidnapping in Nigeria, there is almost a high chance of a loved one going missing. No one ever expects the nightmare that occurs when someone they care about goes missing.  However, there are some tips on what to do when and if this happens:


Notify the police:


The sooner you notify the authorities that your loved one has gone missing, the sooner they can begin searching. To find the nearest police station near you, visit https://www.missingpersonsplatform.com/nearby-police-stations and enter your location. Once you have identified the closest police station, make a report at the police station. You should be aware of the police's limitations, especially if the missing person is an adult. A person going missing is not usually illegal.


Provide information about the missing person to the police:


To ensure that the police have enough information about your loved one, you must provide detailed information about the missing person's physical characteristics and last known location to complete the missing person's report.

 When at the Police station, request to file the report, have the following information ready:


  • At least three recent photographs of the individual
  • A list of the person's nicknames or aliases
  •  A physical description, including height, weight, age, hair colour, eye colour, build, and so on
  • A description of the person's most recently seen clothing and shoes 
  • A list of possessions the person may be carrying, such as jewellery, glasses, contact lenses, accessories, a purse, a wallet, ID cards, and so on
  • A list of scars, tattoos, and/or other distinguishing features
  • A  list of the person's medications, if any, as well as allergies, handicaps, and other medical conditions.
  • A list of the missing person's relatives or friends, along with contact information
  • A list of the person's favourite places
  • A description of the individual's car or a different vehicle


Make contact with friends and acquaintances:


Call friends and family and ask when they last saw him or her. Determine whether they have any information about the person's whereabouts.

Call anyone who had regular contact with the missing person, in addition to friends, family members, neighbours, and classmates. Teachers, doctors, dentists, bus drivers, coworkers, and neighbours are all examples.

Keep a record of who you've spoken with and what they've said about the missing person. Keep it up to date with as much detail as possible. Encourage people to call you back if they learn more from another source.


Register with other missing person databases or look through their resources.


You can search other missing person databases, many of which are geared toward various characteristics, to help locate the missing. In Nigeria, you can list a missing person on The Missing Persons Platform (MPP).


The Missing Persons Platform allows you to record and access data on those who have gone missing in Nigeria. The Platform automatically generates a customized poster that can be shared on social media and other platforms.


A missing loved one can have a profound emotional effect on the families and that is why families of missing persons can access counselling services from our partner/registered organizations to cope with the biopsychosocial burden of dealing with the situation.


To register a missing person and access support, click here


Once listed, a poster is generated.

The Missing Person Platform Posters help to create awareness and can inform friends and neighbours who might know where the person is. Post the flyers in the area where the missing person lived and near the locations where they frequented.