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How it work

How it Works

The Missing Persons Project Site is dedicated to creating awareness and increasing community engagement as regards Missing, Dead and Unidentified persons.

How do we hope to achieve this?

By providing a platform that allows user list information regarding Missing, Found & Unclaimed Persons and Unidentified Bodies.

Missing Persons

A missing person is a person who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as their location and condition are not known

Found & Unclaimed Persons

A Found & Unclaimed Person is a person who has been found by someone and whose identity is unknown.

Unidentified Bodies

An Unidentified person is used to describe a corpse of a person whose identity cannot be established by police, medical examiners or the reporter.

  • Step 1 Create an Account by filling the form below
  • Step 2 Log into your account and select the type of listing you intend to register.
  • Step 3 Fill the Relevant Form and click submit. A Poster would be automatically generated with a link to share on online platforms. Details would also be listed on the Missing Persons Project Site.