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Who we are

We are the first and number one platform for reporting, creating awareness and finding missing person(s), unidentified persons and unaccounted bodies in Nigeria.

Our passion at The Missing Persons Project is geared towards creating a world where no one is missing. This is why we deploy our expertise, technology and resources to address the existing and emerging cases of missing persons across Nigeria.

We are driven by local knowledge, real-world experiences and the evolving situation across the country in crafting solutions that impact positively on missing persons, their family, friends and associates. With a global inclined mindset, we constantly monitor advancement in technology and domesticate such trends in bespoke solutions that ultimately lead to the discovery of missing persons.

At the Missing Persons Service, the ultimate measure of our success is the number of missing persons that we help to account for and we do everything possible within the ethics of professional practice to assist in finding every missing person in the country.

As a truly African brand, we understand that a tree does not make a forest. Hence, we constantly invest in relationships and explore a partnership with public sector institutions, private firms and nonprofit organisations. Our goal is to build an efficient collaboration and network which helps to find missing persons in Nigeria.

You can trust our efficient system for relevant records of missing persons and rely on our reach to report, publicise and identify missing persons anywhere in Nigeria.

How it works

Step 1:
Families, friends and dependents of missing persons make a formal report to the Nigerian Police Force. The police report and affidavit from a court of competent jurisdiction forms part of the document required to report a missing person on the platform. The reporter includes every relevant detail relating to the missing persons including the date last seen, picture, etc.

Step 2:
Before submission, the reporter will be able to select some add-on services including Biopsychosocial Support, Print Publicity, Mass Media Publicity, Social Media Publicity and others. Upon submission, the record is entered into the database and the image is displayed on all relevant platforms.

Note 3:
For unidentified persons or dead bodies, the image and description are uploaded on the platform; such unidentified persons or bodies can be found through the search feature of the website. When a missing person is found and reported on the platform, a communication is sent to the nearest Nigerian police station with clear communication to the individual who initially reported such persons as missing.


The missing person project means different things to different people. For the family members and associates of missing persons, the platform serves as an assistant and a go-to platform to help in finding their missing family, friends or loved ones.

Every Nigerian would find this platform to be effective for reporting unidentified persons and helping the Nigerian Police Force and other associated government agencies in reintegrating missing persons with their families.

The platform will also be relevant for people who wish to be voluntarily missing as it would help to ensure their safety by keeping a tab on their whereabouts while ensuring their privacy.

For Non-governmental, governmental and civil society organisations, the Missing Persons Service will help to generate data for meaningful decision making and intervention. It will further assist in curtailing the incidence of human trafficking, child abuse and other vices which results from the scourge of missing persons.

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